Join Our Team

You are a Consumer Advocate

Being sensitive to the consumer’s demographic and special circumstances is critical to preserving human dignity. You encourage your consumers to be at their best, by alleviating stress, offering reassurance, and encouraging them to stay positive. You are one of a kind. 

You are a Consumer Advocate.

One of a kind.

Amazing Team Member.

You are Valued

Amazing Home Care Agency places emphasis on her caregivers. As a caregiver, you will

be valued for who you are, as you bring your unique experiences and serve as a member of our team. Your calming nature creates a sense of peace for all. You are very much appreciated as a part of the Care Team.

You are Valued.


Amazing Team Member.

Together we make a difference in our Community

Know that you belong to the Amazing Home Care Agency community where we believe in your wholeness as a person, and we serve to uplift you in body, mind and spirit. When someone is down, you lift them up. You create smiles wherever you go and make everyone around you feel loved. You are a great Ambassador for the Agency.


You are an Ambassador

You uplift others

Amazing Team Member


Your Professionalism is Admired

Amazing Home Care Agency always admires your professionalism and want you to enjoy your work, live life to the fullest and be at your best at all times. Your positivity builds trust, strengthens faith, and inspires others to feel whole. Keep up the good work.

Your Positivity Influences Others.

Professional with a Caring Heart

Amazing Team Member


1. Paid Family Leave

2. Flexible Work Options

3. Professional Development/Tuition Reimbursement

4. Health Insurance

5. Life Insurance

6. Financial Planning Resources

7. 401 K

8. See Employee Handbook for other benefits such Annual Bonus and more

For more information contact our Human Resources Manager

​​​​​​​We Offer DIRECT DEPOSIT




If a direct Care Worker shows outstanding contribution to our consumers, he or she is eligible for both worker of the month and the year. We give these awards to employees who work together with us as a team as we care for our consumers.



Assistance with Activities of Daily Living

Meal preparation and feeding assistance

Light housekeeping

Errands/Grocery shopping

Escort to appointments

Personal hygiene and grooming

Bathing, showering, toileting and incontinence care

Medication reminders



Continuing Education and CEU Credit Opportunities

Amazing Home Care Agency organizes  events which includes webinars and trainings as an opportunity for employee education and growth



Amazing Home Care Agency recognizes employees by celebrating birthdays, special events and providing annual bonus as a recognition of employees hard work and service to the agency.